Although I have left this blog a little unattended for a while, I am taking a chance to write something a little off-topic here yet very important in my life.

I believe that the hard work you put into what you want for your future will someday yield success if you do it right. After one year of hard work (which was in fact two years ago) I finally made it to open a path to continue my studies in the U.S.. It’s been another whole year of preparation, exams and lots of thoughts into this. Tomorrow I will travel to pursuit a Master of Science in Telecommunications in the University of Maryland, College Park, after being granted with a Fulbright scholarship. I could definitely not have done this without the aid of my parents, my friends and of course @johiiis, who has been my support throughout the whole process. Thank you a lot.

There are always costs and sacrifices that have got to be made. In my case (and I’m pretty sure that this is the same for everyone else), it’s about leaving my country, my family and friends to a whole new different day-to-day that might be hard in the beginning, but that will hop onto the bulk of experiences in life.

Let this be a beginning to something great. And let it also be an inspiration for anyone who said once “it’s too hard”. Believe me, it is possible.

Cheers and see you again soon!


Just started a new Game Dev blog

Hey! I just started a new blog. No, I won’t leave or quit this one! it’s just about a hobby that I’ve recently (and finally) started. After some years of programming experience and a childhood dream of writing a game, I finally started doing this as a hobby.

I hope you like it: http://nullbox.wordpress.com